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2015 Sculptures placed

We filled it with fun, hard work, and lots of completed projects. A few Highlights -

November took us to Kauai for 9 days. Highlights were visiting Pearl Harbor and meeting a 92 year old survivor, the Hindu Monastery, a botanical garden owned by the daughter of Charles Schulz, a luau, beaches and time off.

October we travelled to Woodward Oklahoma to install “Every Day a Hero” at their new fire station.

September took us to Ludington, Michigan to install “Helping Hand” on 9-11. We drove around Lake Michigan, visited Mackinaw Island, and did some genealogy sleuthing.

We installed “Horse Power” at the newly renovated Eaton Library, installed “Bird watching” downtown, and “East West North South” at a private home.

In August we hosted a week long watercolor workshop with Iain Stewart.

The first half of the year was mostly retail, teaching, shows, farming, racing, and anything else we could think of to do. We launched new products – silk scarves featuring paintings and an annual calendar of paintings. All are available on the web site featuring art

I am planning to do some travel watercolor workshops in 2016 as well as developing the on-line teaching lessons on the YouTube channel: ArtByColette. So, if you have a watercolor society near – tell them to invite me out for a demo/workshop. I would love to enjoy a nature painting day with you in person. May your year be filled with love, joy, peace and art.

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